Vehicle insurance

A car is a tireless assistant and friend, if damage is caused to it, then your budget, mood and plans suffer. Undoubtedly, the car is on the list of the most expensive acquisitions, which is difficult to part with both the wallet and the owner’s state of mind. Minimize possible damage to a car insurance will allow damage and theft. To maintain peace of mind and avoid material costs will help the insurance policy.

Our suggestions:

  • motor vehicle insurance in any configuration, including with additional equipment;
  • voluntary liability insurance of vehicle owners;
  • insurance of the driver and / or passengers against accidents in case of an accident (traffic accident).

Our features:

  • compensation for damage caused as a result of car theft, damage or death;
  • compensation of harm to life and health to property of third parties while driving;
  • payment of compensation if the driver and passengers of the insured car are affected;
  • covering the costs of storage and transportation (evacuation);
  • covering damage resulting from a terrorist act;
  • medical expenses.

How is insurance paid?

Payment of insurance premiums of your choice is made:

  • at a time;
  • in stages (quarterly, semi-annually).

The cost of the policy depends on the following parameters:

  • car cost;
  • driving experience of drivers authorized to drive;
  • selectable insurance risks;
  • number of vehicles;
  • storage conditions and vehicle safety;
  • the nature and purpose of the vehicle;
  • franchise application;
  • geographic coverage area.

EUROASIA INSURANCE provides you with two forms of compensation for damage upon the occurrence of an insurance event:

  • restoration of a damaged vehicle by carrying out repair and restoration work at a service station at the expense of the Company;
  • payment of insurance compensation based on the conclusion / report of an independent appraisal organization, by transferring to the bank details of the Insured.

Why you will like to work with us:

  • individual approach;
  • immediate resolution of your questions;
  • simplicity of paperwork;
  • high-quality car repair at authorized dealers and in other technical centers;
  • if during the validity period of the EUROASIA INSURANCE policy you did not have any insured events, you can use the discount system when prolonging the contracts;
  • assistance in the process of considering the event when collecting the necessary documents for the payment of insurance compensation;
  • direct participation of the Company representative in the process of registration and consideration of the event in the competent authorities (UBDD, court, etc.);
  • a significant set of basic and additional services;
  • flexible rates;
  • prompt consideration of insurance claims and the early payment of compensation;
  • quality service;
  • the choice of the form of compensation for damage (car repair or monetary compensation) upon conclusion of the contract;
  • in the case when the amount of damage does not exceed 3% of the cost of the transport vehicle, the provision of a traffic police certificate (UBDD) is not mandatory, except in cases where the insured event occurred with the participation of third parties.
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